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Pinawa’s Trans Canada Trail receives new  Discovery Interpretive Panels

Pinawa’s Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is being readied for a busy visitor season.  Some drainage issues created by last year’s high water levels are currently being fixed and tree removal from the trails is ongoing.  

New Discovery Interpretive Panels have been provided by  Trans Canada Trail and just been installed by local volunteers!  Hike or bike and discover for yourself these beautiful interpretive signs. 

Download a Pinawa Summer Trails Brochure & Map.  Wear comfortable shoes, take water, insect repellent, a hat, and sunscreen.  Be aware of your surroundings and know your stamina for hiking.


Have fun and follow the Trans Canada Trail  signage!

Pinawa’s section of the Trans Canada Trail spans 28 kilometres, through mixed boreal forest, granite ridges, and along the Winnipeg River as it winds from the Seven Sisters Generating Station to the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park.

This particular section of the Manitoba Trans Canada Trail is divided into sections of varying lengths; mostly over a level terrain following the course of the Winnipeg River and the Pinawa Channel. Travelling from west to north:

Seven Sisters Trail 8.5km hiking, biking, 

Willis West 2.1km hiking, biking

The Ironwood Park and Trail 4.0km hiking, biking, and wheelchairs. 2023 Trail Use

Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk 3.5km three-season use for hiking/biking. 

Alice Chambers Trail 2.9km hiking, biking, horseback, ORVs

Westdal 2.0km hiking, biking

Old Pinawa Trail 3.8km hiking, biking


Pinawa trails are strictly designated for non-motorized use with the exception of Alice Chambers Trail which is 2.9km. For multi-user safety purposes machine users should stay on the west side of the trail at all times. The east side is to be used by hikers/bikers.

The trail often necessitates being closed if the trail conditions are flooded or there is an extreme fire hazard in place. ORV drivers should be aware of speed restrictions because pedestrians and bikes share this trail.

The entire route has been internationally recognized as Manitoba’s Pine to Prairie Birding Trail.

Pinawa’s Trans Canada Trails (TCT) offers 9.6 km of winter hiking or biking. The perimeter along the Winnipeg River on the Ironwood Trail is open year round. Willis West Trail leads north and west from the Ironwood Trail to Lagoon Road. Both trails are groomed for winter hiking/biking. A winter hiking/biking trail (3.5km) is on the north side of the Pinawa Channel and is different than the summer TCT.

The Trans Canada Trail is national in scope, but locally built, managed, and maintained by volunteers.

Pinawa Summer Trails Brochure and Map  


Trans Canada trail near Seven Sisters will be closed from July 31 - Sept 15, 2023

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