Family-Centred Entrepreneurs

The Pinawa lifestyle puts heavy emphasis on more time and less stress. Here, it is actually possible to do business on a global scale and enjoy life on a human scale. 

In our community, you can market your services without sacrificing precious family and recreational time, compete successfully in national and international markets, yet still appreciate all of life’s joys – that’s the real Pinawa advantage.

We want to talk to you if you’re a family-centred entrepreneur.

If you are self-employed, run your own business, consultancy, or research facility, you may be a Family-Centred Entrepreneur. We respect work, but place high value on family, nature, and recreation. We make room for family and recreation everyday, because balance is everything to us.

If your business is already ‘portable,’ perhaps it is because you’ve dreamed of an idyllic lifestyle where work and family achieve a natural balance. You can have your dream and live it, here in Pinawa. Your family can work, live and play in Pinawa, where you are free to live a rich life, in natural harmony with your work.