Pinawa Business Advantages

Pinawa makes an ideal home for businesses of all varieties. 

Between its sensible business regulations, devoted local customer base, and local business amenities, Pinawa is fertile with opportunity.  

If you’re an entrepreneur and might be interested in starting or relocating a business to our community, we’d love to hear from you. 

Advantages to doing business in Pinawa:

  • Sensible business regulations
  • The Pinawa Community Development Corporation, a local not-for-profit organization to strengthening our community for residents and businesses.
  • A local Chamber of Commerce with access to provincial Chamber amenities
  • Commercial space available at Sunova Mall, the Pinawa Industrial Park, and the W.B. Lewis Business Centre
  • North Forge East, a premier business startup incubator located right in town
  • Municipal tax incentives for qualifying local construction
  • A devoted local customer base
  • A well-educated population

Starting or Relocating a Business to Pinawa

Starting or relocating a business is a big decision and you need to arm yourself with knowledge before deciding on a course of action. If you are interested in possibly setting up shop in Pinawa as an entrepreneur, we’d love to help make this decision easier. Contact us to share your plans or request more information. We’ll direct your inquiry to the relevant people in the PCDC, Chamber of Commerce, or local government. Depending on the nature of your inquiry we can send you further information or even set up a formal meeting where we can discuss your plans and exact needs. 

Contact us now with your questions or to request further information by filling the Contact Us form below