Pinawa Resident Pass

2024 Pinawa Resident Passes are available for pick up at the LGD Administration office. 

Passes issued each year and are only valid for the current year. You qualify for a Resident Pass if you own residential property in Pinawa or if you live in Pinawa (renting or apartment). 

If you stay at a seasonal campground, you can purchase a "Seasonal Resident Pass" for $40. 

The Pinawa Resident Pass or Seasonal Resident Passes give you: 

  1. Free Parking at the Suspension Bridge and Diversion Dam parking lots. (display pass in your vehicle).
  2. Use of the Pinawa Landfill.  Applicable landfill fees still apply (display pass in your vehicle). 
  3. Entry to Free Pinawa Family Swim at the Pool. (Show your pass at the door when signing in).